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The nature around Vikinggård Cottages in the Swedish town of Finnskogen. 

Finnskogen (Forest of the Finns) is an area in Sweden and Norway, located in respectively the provinces of Innlandet and Värmland, so called because of the immigration of Finns in the 17th century, the so-called Skogfinner/Bosfinnen.  

Vikinggård Cottages is located on the sunny side of Klarelvdalen, about 400 meters from Strängsforsen in Klarälven, where you can fish for trout, salmon and grayling, among other things.

The area has hundreds of kilometers of forests, lakes, rivers and streams in all directions. Because the area is so large, the many open forest roads and trails are not crowded. This offers very special opportunities for nature experiences, adapted to your own preference. 

Regardless of the season or the weather, there are always nature experiences to enjoy here. In addition to enjoying the tranquility, you can also undertake a variety of activities at your own discretion. Such as walking / hiking, cycling / mountain biking, canoeing / kayaking, sport fishing, swimming, berry or mushroom picking, moose and beaver trips, bird watching and more. You may be lucky enough to spot a white moose, found in all of Europe only in this area.

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Winter at Vikinggård Cottages invites you to a unique nature experience: cross-country skiing in nature. There are groomed trails in the vicinity. There is also plenty of opportunity for skiing. You can go to Branäs, about 30 km away, and to Trysil or Sälen at a distance of 65 km on good winter roads. There are also groomed cross-country trails here. Cross-country skiing area Långberget at approx. 30 km. At Vikinggård Cottages itself there is plenty of space for both children and adults to play in the snow and enjoy the winter sun and winter weather. Many forest roads are cleared in the winter, so you can always find a place to park your car and go cross-country skiing off the beaten track. 

The many lakes around Vikinggård are ideal for ice fishing; in the spring the big trout is caught in the river Klarälven.  


In April/May the snow and ice have melted and everything is starting to emerge from hibernation. In the river Klarälven (400 m away) large trout become active again and look for something to eat. The ideal time to try and catch them.  


Being in the fantastic, free undisturbed nature in Finnskogen is a great experience in itself. You can really 'listen' to the silence. Relax, relax. In the lakes, rivers and streams you can cool off wherever and whenever you want. 

Finnskogen is large and the many gravel forest roads are open to traffic. You can walk, cycle or take the car or motorbike from Vikinggård Cottages. You can be gone all day without meeting other people. We  of course are happy to help you with trips and transport to and from the end points. There are good breaks everywhere where you can enjoy nature and tranquility.  


There is a beautiful play of colors of nature in the crystal clear sky and the forests are rich in blueberries, raspberries and cranberries and in the heights cloudberries. Season: August / September. It is allowed to pick both berries and mushrooms. And the ideal time to catch a 'catch of the day'.  

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