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North Värmland tour

Take a tour along the most beautiful places in the region and enjoy the combination of nature and sights!


  • Do you want to visit the most beautiful places in Northern Värmland?

  • Do you want to visit special places that the average tourist will never find?

  • Would you like to enjoy the surroundings instead of having to pay attention to the road?

During the tour through the north of Värmland you will come across everything: from beautiful lakes to old cemeteries in the middle of the forest, and from authentic lumberjack huts to a lookout tower over one of the most beautiful nature reserves. With a bit of luck we will also encounter some wildlife that day…

You will be amazed by the rich history of Värmland. For many generations, people have lived here in harmony with nature. This is reflected in the way the houses are built, but also in the way people worked their daily bread together. Along the way we see many examples of this, such as the super small log cabins, where the woodcutters used to sleep and live. Watch out for your head when you enter such a hut!


“How beautiful it is to see such a woodcutter's house in the middle of a nature reserve. So small that it is hard to imagine that they used to sleep in it with ten people at a time. A little further we come to a lake. The beach where we have a drink could easily be in a brochure for a tropical island. You just don't expect that!"

You will be delighted by all the different colors of the boat houses on the edge of the lake… See the footsteps of the large cranes in the sand, collect driftwood in the most beautiful shapes, and enjoy lunch on a sandy beach that will not look out of place on the beach. the Mediterranean coast…


Take a walk through the swamp area to the watchtower. Browse through the guestbook to see what has already been spotted from that spot, and see if you can discover all the birds and land animals yourself!

While driving on the forest paths you will be amazed by all the shades of green that the forest has to offer. But what about all the colors of orchids and lupins? And who knows what we will encounter in the future. Moose, deer, but also wild boars walk around carefree. And on the gravel paths you can also be surprised on sunny days by the capercaillie male with his beautiful colors or mother black grouse with her young…


But now for some practical information: the tour starts and ends at our location in Höljes. 

The tour lasts approximately six hours, and can accommodate maximum 6 persons. Of course, stops are made at places worth seeing, and lunch is provided and included in the price.

Only one booking is possible per tour, so you are always alone with your own group / family. The price is SEK 4.000 (approx. 355 Euro) per tour, regardless of the occupation of the car. We would like to hear during the booking if there are any special wishes with regard to food or drinks, or if there are other preferences. 

If you want to book or want more information, you can  mail  or call via  +31611306861 or +46722214005

Beautiful VIP tour with our 4x4
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