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2-day bear safari















Join us on a two-day trip in search of real wild bears!

  • Looking for one of the wildest adventures you can have in Western Europe?

  • Always wanted to come face to face with a mighty bear or fierce wolverine?

Central Sweden is full of wild animals: moose, deer, foxes and badgers, but also the big strong boys roam around here… You can encounter wolves, wolverines, lynx and even bears here. Now the chance that you just come across it on a walk is very small because of all the sounds and all the smells that a person causes, but we have a fantastic opportunity to be able to see them!

In collaboration with a local guide, who manages a nicely equipped spotters hut in the middle of the woods, we can offer a beautiful two-day trip that will be the highlight of your holiday.

“At first I was quite apprehensive about the long ride, but all the beautiful things we encountered along the way made me forget all sense of time. Before I knew it we were already at the lookout hut.”

You will be completely pampered during this trip. You will be taken in our all-terrain vehicle along the most beautiful routes and sights to the hut, which is located about 200 kilometers further north. The journey alone is already worth it: forests, wildly flowing rivers and beautiful mountain views alternate rapidly. Besides the necessary moose and deer, we can even encounter reindeer on the high plateaus that we pass! On the return trip we even visit the highest waterfall in Sweden, to admire it via a beautiful walk. After this walk and a snack and drink at the visitor center of the Fulufjället national park, we descend via Norway and its beautiful rivers and picturesque houses with grass roofs to Sysslebäck.

“When I thought of bears in Europe, I always thought these were a much smaller version of the American bears you always see on TV. Man, was I surprised when I saw the first one in real life that night! What a whopper!! You have to walk around for a while…"

The food and drinks are all arranged for you. We leave from our location in Höljes at the end of the morning. We enjoy a modest lunch and continue on our way again to arrive at the spotters hut around 5 pm. There will be a sandwich meal waiting for you, to start looking out for big game after (and during) dinner… Because it hardly gets dark at night in the summer, there is a very good chance to see a few things around can be seen sniffing, and the conditions are ideal to be able to shoot beautiful images.

“We had only been in the hut for an hour when the first bear came by. A proud mother of two cubs, and that in full light! My husband, an avid photographer, could hardly contain his enthusiasm, and almost wanted to scream with pleasure.”

Bunk beds are available in the cabin, so while one is on the lookout, the others can rest for a while. The view from the hut is nice and wide, so if something comes walking there is every opportunity to warn everyone who is resting. So no one misses the spectacle, and everyone can enjoy the majestic sight of all the mighty predators that inhabit the forest from the safe cabin. We can tell you that you will be very impressed when you see real wild bears sniffing around so close….

“What a beautiful sight to see those foxes dancing around the bears. All the risk of getting something to eat as well, while staying a respectable distance from those bears.”

After a night of vigil, a nice breakfast is ready for you the next morning. Let's just hope those bears don't come for the smell…. When everyone has packed their things, we leave the hut around nine o'clock to start the return journey. As mentioned, we will then drive past the Njupeskär waterfall, where you can take a very nice walk and visit the visitor center, where you can learn everything about the history of the area. Once we have recovered with a cup of coffee or another snack, we drive back home through Norway. We will arrive there at the end of the afternoon.

“At first I thought I saw a large marten coming, but then it turned out to be a wolverine. How smoothly those animals move, and how alert they are!"

Of course you will think: 'I already have a nice house / stuga for this holiday. Why should I leave it empty for one night?' Well, we can assure you that this trip will stay with you for many years to come. And let's be honest, when are you going to have the opportunity to spot real bears in the wild so relatively close by? Do you really want to let that opportunity pass you by?

As a company you have access to the entire cabin. Whether you do this safari with 2 people or 6 people. The costs for this fully arranged two-day trip are, from 2 people and a maximum of 6 people:

* 29 May - 18 June: 2023: SEK 13.350 (approx. € 1.150)

* 19 June - 30 July 2023: SEK 16.825 (approx. € 1.450)

For final prices, availability or further information you can contact us via  mail  or via  +31611306861 or +46722214005 .

“The trip was well worth everything! We never thought we would experience such an experience during a holiday in Europe!”

The cabin has a central gas heater and chemical toilet, but no electricity or running water. To get to the hut we have to take a light walk of about one kilometer. So keep that in mind when packing your things to take to the cabin.


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