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Welcome to Vikinggård Cottages.

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At the end of 2021 we started Vikinggård Cottages in Höljes (North Värmland Sweden) to give you an unforgettable, active and / or adventurous holiday. You can book various activities with or through us throughout the year or you can simply enjoy the wonderfully beautiful nature and tranquility that you will find here.


Imagine a traditional Finnish cottage - the "Ragnar" - or two Swedish cottages - the "Lagertha" or the "Björn" - rural view, with forests, mountains and moose walking through the grass and vegetation and only 400m walk to the wonderfully beautiful Strängsforsen (rapids) in the river Klarälven.

Find your next vacation spot at Vikinggård Cottages with traditional comfortable Finnish and Swedish cottages.

Whether you opt for a spacious camper, roof tent pitch, for a stay in a fully furnished and the charm of our cottages or you use our dormitory, it is very suitable for a group stay with family or friends or for when you are alone. are on the road with your motorcycle or 4x4.

With us you will find true hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you to Vikinggård Cottages!


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